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Why Aiiro?
Aiiro is the evolution of my desire to create a more introspective approach to guiding others on their path to wellness. The name Aiiro [pronounced Arrow] matured from its Japanese meaning “indigo” and the symbolic nature of direction that comes with an arrow.
Indigo in yoga is connected to the Third Eye, or intuition and elevated perception. History shows us that arrows have often been a symbol of direction, protection, and courage. As a wellness movement, I want to inspire others to see that through breath they can gain an elevated perception, seek direction, and explore their personal path with courage.
We set ourselves apart by curating programs, workshops, and explorations that create a space where we can connect with each other, connect with the earth, and connect with ourselves, opening us up to life-changing experiences. As a result, Aiiro creates a strong community of like-minded people from all walks of life, coming together in practice.
We believe that when you slow down, breathe, and listen to your body, you can see yourself as a part of something greater—part of nature.
Aiiro takes the transformative power of yoga off the mat, and into the wild.